Beef Products

Beef Products

Our central processing facility at Cannon Hill brings the production of the company's 
beef products under one roof and management system to provide:

  • 'Best Practice' process design and engineering
  • 'State of Art' technologies and equipment
  • 'International / National certifications and accreditations
  • 'Integrated' information management solutions and systems
  • 'NATA certified laboratory product testing / validation

Young Beef (No added hormones)

  • Chilled or Frozen *YP/YG* Beef Primals
  • Chilled or Frozen *YP/YG* Beef trimmings

Product Packaging formats

  • Vacuum Pack Product
  • Thermoform Pack Product
  • Vacuum Form Shrink
  • Vacuum Skin Packaged Product
  • Bulk Pack Carton Product
  • Bulk Bin Product


  • Refrigerated containers
  • Palletised cartons
  • Bulk Bins
  • Road, Air & Sea Transport