Certifications & Memberships

Australian Country Choice has sought and achieved best practice certifications for 
food quality, food safety, environment and occupational health and safety. 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification
  • BRC Food Safety Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Certification
  • AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Certification

Our Industry Accreditations include: 

  • Department of Agriculture Export Establishment License Registration
  • Department of Agriculture AQAA Accreditation
  • Safefood Food Safety Accreditation
  • Safefood SFQ Organic License Registration
  • Aus-Meat A+ Processing Accreditation
  • Aus-Meat NFAS Feedlot Accreditation
  • Halal Muslim Slaughter Accreditation
  • ISO 17025 NATA Laboratory Accreditation 
  • LPA 1 Food Safety Accreditation
  • Truck care Livestock Transport Accreditation
  • MSA Meat Quality Accreditation